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MBR Wastewater Treatment

MBR Wastewater Treatment

EcoServices sells and services the Econity’s 40’ Package MBR Plant for treating wastewater or sewage. This plug and play system is completely self-contained, operator friendly and delivers high effluent water quality.

An MBR or ‘membrane bioreactor’ is a wastewater treatment processes where a perm-selective membrane (microfiltration or ultrafiltration) is integrated with a biological process – a suspended growth bioreactor. Econity is the world leader in installed MBR systems, due to their simple and safe membrane maintenance; the size of the individual filter modules provide easy maintenance and replacement, whereas traditional systems require cranes to lift membrane components.

Econity MBR systems are cost effective and can be delivered as complete units, site built systems, or combinations of both. EcoServices provides fast delivery of Econity MBR systems, with full support from Econity’s USA service center in Anaheim, Calif.

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