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Environmental Remediation Systems

Environmental Remediation Systems

To manage the unique challenges of each environmental remediation project EcoServices has developed a wide range of custom remediation systems that balance practicality, regulatory requirements, and cost-effectiveness. Applying innovative and value-based approaches, we will determine the best technology available to meet site-specific conditions and deliver the best possible results.

EcoServices has the required knowhow and resources for soil and groundwater remediation from contamination of compounds such as hydrocarbons (MTBE), chlorinate solvents (PCE and TCE) LNAPL and DNAPL. We have experience assessing and planning the complex logistics and budgets involved with remote sites and work closely with clients to complete projects on time, safely, and in accordance with laws and regulations. EcoServices also understands the importance of minimizing the impact of our remediation work on your business’ operations.

With our in-house expertise for sourcing cost effective equipment and/or fabricating custom systems, let EcoServices be your consultant and we will provide a solid assessment for your remediation project. Examples of our specific capabilities include:

  • Equipment assessment and consultation
  • Various Equipment Rentals
  • New OEM equipment and custom systems
  • Setup, reconfigure, recondition, and maintain all systems
  • Operations and maintenance assistance
  • Carbon filter changeout and service
  • Telemetry & VFD installations
  • In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and enhanced bioremediation
  • Soil mixing and vapor intrusion barriers
  • Air sparging systems
  • Thermal treatment systems
  • Environmental pump and treat systems
  • Leak detection
  • Water treatment systems
  • Vapor extraction systems and pilot tests for water or vapor extraction
  • Dual phase extraction systems and pilot test with slurping or with groundwater pumps
  • De-watering & filtration
  • Free-floating product recovery systems including skimmer technology

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